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Craving Bountiful Foods

You’re driving home from a long, grueling day on the job and you have a mixture of unsteady feelings about the day. You think about what you need to do once you get home. You start prioritizing tasks and realize that your head will be hitting the pillow late tonight. And then you begin to notice a strong hunger take over. You start craving something sweet, and then something like bread or even a warm cup of coffee. As you continue driving, you notice that your car somehow ended up in the Starbucks parking lot. You grab some sort of sandwich, coffee, and a cookie and head home.

If you can identify with this type of lifestyle, you are normal. You simply don’t have the time of day to plan every single meal, let alone cook it to perfection. Food is a necessity. You enjoy eating and you may even have a fondness for the satisfaction of a well-balanced meal. You probably even enjoy going to the farmers market on occasion. But even I, previous sous chef and wife of a baker, have experienced many a hunger as a consequence of not thinking about what my body needs by the way of food.

I’m sure you know the consequence of forgetting to eat or eating the wrong stuff. You’re smart. You read the hype about farm to table, gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, whole30, and on and on. I’ll even give you credit for trying at least one. (And I’m glad those are all out there to educate and inspire toward healthy living.) You know the difference between how you feel after eating a fast food hamburger verses eating homemade soup. But when push comes to shove, you need food immediately and you crave sugar or carbs because you didn’t get enough protein for breakfast. Again, this is totally normal. But also a crippling habit.

Here on Foodie Thoughts, my goal is to show you how important food and planning is to basically all aspects of life and give you research to back it up. I’ll even throw in some of my favorite recipes to help you plan, and maybe some weekly menu formats. My biggest goal for you is to have a habit of thinking about your food properly. I want you to crave bountiful foods so much that you are willing to push the shove away and get cooking. I want you to be driving to work, drooling over the cheesy roasted broccoli and cauliflower you are going to snack on at home within 7 minutes of prep and 25 minutes in the oven. I know I am!

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