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Menu Boosting Wednesdays

Have you ever wondered how to keep up with planning a menu for your family while keeping up with all other aspects of life? Guess what, you are not alone! I can probably speak for most households in saying that figuring out how to plan nutritious meals for each day of the week seems nearly impossible. 

This is where I offer tangible support. I have my own goal of feeding people nutritiously. My family, my friends, and anyone who walks in my house and needs a meal. I love experimenting with the healthiest most crunchy, weirdest, flax-filled recipes out there (Yes, my poor husband…). BUT I also have a taste for well-raised, flavorful, well-seasoned, perfectly-plated dishes. And I’ve had the opportunity as a chef to taste some of the most delicious meals out there. So I don’t want to compromise taste for health. I’d say both are equally important to me. As I hope you would say. So here is my commitment to you, the reader:

Each Wednesday, I will give you a list of ideas. Including links to recipes I have recently tried. I will be honest about both the flavor and the health benefits of each recipe. I will hopefully give you motivation to finish out your week with good ideas, intentions, and interesting meals that will satisfy your family nutritiously without sacrificing flavor.

Menu planning at Foodie Thinking

Ready for your first list of Ideas? 

Click here for a Veggie Chili that passed the test for taste, nutrition, and cost-effectiveness. I adjusted the recipe according to what I had on hand. For instance, we keep homemade chicken stock in the freezer, so I used that instead of vegetable stock. I also used less red pepper flakes. But this is a good base recipe that you can adjust to your liking, very easy too. 

Click here for a Kale and Sweet Potato Rice Bowl that made an ideal packed lunch! This is one for those more willing to try something healthy and get those natural colors of food in for the day. The peanut sauce is a definite winner as well! Thank you Eating Bird Food for the fantastic ideas. 

Click here for a fantastic Beef Barbacoa recipe. Think Chipotle-style beef: tender, falling-apart goodness. I, of course, recommend buying local beef and supporting your farmers. This is SUPER easy and so so delicious. We use it in small amounts on a salad and rice bowl or tacos and freeze extra. Feel free to adjust the amount of spice. I omit the green chilis. If you like very little spice, just use one chipotle chili in adobo instead of two. This is a slow-cooker recipe if you like those dump and go type of meals.

Click here for my go-to Chicken Stroganoff recipe. This is an all-around pleaser for anyone, including your picky eaters. I typically mix frozen peas in at the last minute and heat them through before serving for added color. This is not at the top of list of healthy dishes, but I enjoy serving this when we have guests and I don’t know their preferences. 

Click here for a Dhal recipe if you want to try some thing different! I haven’t tried my hand at many Indian dishes, but we loved eating this Dhal with spinach mixed in and homemade Chapati (an easy-to-make Indian flat bread, good recipe here). I love that the Chapati has whole wheat flour. The combination of red lentils, the spices, spinach and the whole wheat Chapati was really delicious and nutritious. As a note, you will need braver and more adventurous taste-testers for this one. 

I hope you find something you want to try this week! Comment below with any questions or recent recipes that you have enjoyed! 


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