Menu Boosting Wednesday

As the snow falls outside and the winter seems to drag on, us foodie thinkers get very hungry! I have been in a baking, cooking, cleaning, homemaking mode this week and Mr. Foodie loves it. From the smell of freshly baked cookies, to the big pot of soup for dinner, home feels more inviting with something cooking. 

So to be honest, these are more hearty than healthy. In the winter months, a few “stick to your bones” recipes are needed, right? So take into account that I don’t suggest these being your weekly line ups on a regular basis. But I do hope you find something to throw into the mix that satisfies you AND  your husband’s taste buds. 

Click here if you want a hearty potato soup that will make any family member go back for seconds. I skip the cream in this recipe because I don’t think it needs it one bit! I also typically cut back on the bacon, just because I don’t always have much on hand and just a few strips add a lot of flavor. Thank you Pioneer Woman!

Click here if you want a “lighter” breakfast casserole that will keep two people fed for three breakfasts. I loved having a quick breakfast option for those rushed mornings. All I had to do was cut a couple pieces and heat ’em up in the toaster oven!  Eggs, potatoes, and spinach, ready to eat in 2 minutes of reheating! 

Click here if you want a fairly healthy chicken and wild rice soup to make in the slow cooker. I omitted the half and half and most of the milk. It had enough flavor without it. Just make sure you salt and pepper it well at the end to taste. 

Click here if you want to make your own multigrain bread this week! This turned out well, you just have to be patient to let it rise. If you are comfortable with bread baking (or are just good at following directions and want to experiment) try this recipe out! I love that Sara (from Our Best Bites) even gives a great tip for knowing when bread is done! You just take the internal temperature of the bread with a thermometer and make sure it comes to around 200 Degrees (something I learned in culinary school that should not be kept secret!)

As for the other recipes I made last week, I used my trusty Americas Test Kitchen cookbook, which I regularly use as a go-to for reference. I made some delicious bran muffins and new orleans style red beans from this book. Unfortunately, you have to pay to view their recipes online, so I have a hard copy of their family cookbook. But I highly recommend it! They test their recipes many times, make the recipes easy to follow, and answer questions that even experienced cooks find helpful. 


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