Menu boosting Wednesday and Healthy breakfast at

Menu Boosting Wednesday and Colorful Breakfasts

It’s another regular work day and we are having breakfast..



You mean that a regular work day for us foodie thinkers involves a hot breakfast?! 
Healthy breakfast at

Why yes, I am proud to say that it does. For several reasons:

  1. We wake up early, between 6 and 6:20
  2. I plan what we are having for breakfast the night before, or at least have idea in my head…for instance something simple like eggs with avocado and toast
  3. It is a priority for us to have breakfast before heading to work, a priority that makes me get up early even when we didn’t go to bed at a decent time (I’ll share why it is such a priority later)
  4. Breakfast makes us feel prepared for the day and productive before we even drive to work. We feel successful and, quite frankly, rich having a hot breakfast every day (the key is that WE make it, so we are actually being rather frugal)

If you were wondering, we had potato and roasted beet hash, a fried egg and spinach with a grapefruit for breakfast. 

Changing this one habit can have a trickle-down effect so that healthier choices become almost effortless.  I don’t have to focus on forcing myself to NOT eat many things that I enjoy.  Instead, I set myself up to WANT to eat more of the good stuff.  Something I read a while ago about breakfast was from Dr. Sear’s Prime Time Health book explains this idea well:

“A person eating a veggie omelet and whole-grain toast instead of coffee and a doughnut will actually send a healthy message to the brain and gut about the food to expect for the rest of the day.”

If I can train my body to expect healthy food and want it, why would I not start at the very beginning of the day? I can tell you that after testing this out for a couple of months, I crave salad and protein for lunch. I am not starving by noon. I am ready to eat something to keep me going, but I don’t want heavy carbs that will make me sleepy. 

So try it! Wake up just 20-30 minutes earlier. Make your egg however you like best…with cheese, avocado, spinach, hash, or just plain. Give oatmeal a second chance…I’ll keep sharing my baked oatmeal versions that are time-saving winners in our house. Walk out the door with your brain and body fed and ready to work with stamina. 

Ready for some more ideas?

I made this Avgolemeno soup last night for dinner and served it up with a greek side salad. Avgolemeno is a chicken, lemon and rice soup that is thickened with egg. This is a terrific alternative to chicken noodle soup when you are feeling under the weather. It has a creamy mouth-feel with no cream or dairy ingredients. You can use pre-made chicken broth, just follow the recipe after it says to remove the chicken from the broth. It does make a much richer soup, however, if you make your own broth.

We also made pita pizzas with leftover pita from last week.. I just used jarred pizza sauce, mozzarella pearls (those things are addictive!), spinach, and roasted broccoli. 

Pita Pizza with roasted broccoli and spinach at Foodie Thinking

I also made Penang, which is a Thai Red Curry dish…I’m working on posting the specific recipe I use ASAP! Please stay tuned…

And if you want to be naughty like me…make these Apple Cider doughnuts on the weekend for a really delicious treat! 


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  1. Bethany E. says:

    Terrific post! Your ideas are spot on for simple, yet effective meals and they feel reachable for a normal person like me!

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