Menu Boosting Wednesday

Hey Foodie Thinkers!

After coming off some terrible sickness, we got HUNGRY.

So I’m sending love your way and a few recipes to fill your tummies.

This week, we needed a bit of a pick-me-up. I lost four pounds just from having no appetite while I was sick! So I was HUNGRY last week…to say the least. Oh yes, I already discussed this.  This Blueberry Lemon Cake absolutely made us both swoon. I LOVE the lemon and blueberry combination…makes me feel like summer is bound to happen soon! I used frozen blueberries and cherries, since that’s what I had on hand. This recipe turned out divine!

Mr. Foodie Thinker made this Sandwich Bread. It smelled like heaven in our kitchen one evening when he had it in the oven. If you haven’t smelled much for a week due to a stuffed-up nose, I highly recommend awakening your senses with the smell of bread baking in the oven. But enough aesthetics, this bread turns out really nicely and Mr. Foodie Thinker even uses up to 25% whole wheat in it!

Now to some “real food.” I felt it only fair to give you a few baked goods to start, since it’s been that type of week for me. I made these Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas from one of my fave blogs Eating Bird Food. These turned out excellent! And it was enough to feed a crowd, a bit more than we could even eat!

We also made a Mexican Quinoa salad. The recipe we used for a homemade salad dressing did NOT turn out well. So I will spare you. But we did like the combination of quinoa, avocado, cheese, and salad greens. If I find a better homemade Mexican salad dressing, I will surely share it with you!

And we got adventurous enough to try making this Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. I’m not normally super critical of how food looks at home, on a practical level…but this is UGLY. If you want to impress someone, don’t go making this recipe! However, it did taste good!  I used regular butter and Worcestershire sauce instead of vegan. It was definitely a nutritious meal and tasty! I’d recommend this if you have a sack of potatoes around and need to use them up.

We also made Red Lentil Coconut Soup. I will post this recipe as soon as soon as possible! This is one of our go-to’s for a nutritious meal on a cold day. 

And last but not least, I decided to make an extra for our lunches this week. These Thin Mint Protein Balls were delish! I think we prefer the simple larabar recipe I put up last week, but these were a  nice way to change things up. 



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    • Stephanie Enjaian says:

      Thank you! I will be checking out that cilantro lime dressing ASAP! I’m impressed that you found my post! Although I do link to your blog all the time, because I LOVE your recipes!

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