The Way to Consistent Menu Plans

The Way to Consistent Menu Plans

Instead of giving you yet another list of recipes, I’d like to present the way I keep things creative. The way I get this Menu Planning thing done each week. The key to having homemade meals on the table even after a long day at work. I present:

Creative Outlets for Menu Planning

  • Whole Foods has some already planned menus for a variety of healthy styles of eating. If you are up to trying something different, check out Whole Foods Menu Plans.
  • Forest Feast for kids – a very colorful and instructive book for kids to learn basics. It is a vegetarian book and has a lot of really creative ideas and is graphically a five star book. I love looking at it myself.
  • Bountiful by Todd Porter and Diane Cu – Great book for ideas of what to use seasonally. Simple, healthy, and easy to follow recipes. Plus a fantastic coffee table book.
  • Love and Lemons – One of my favorite blogs that is visually stimulating and gets creative juices going for planning something healthy for dinner. Lots of vegetarian ideas here.
  • Eating Bird Food – If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I reference Eating Bird Food A LOT. I’ve been following this blog for around 6 years, maybe more! I love that Brittany has a massive amount of recipes that she has tested. She’s also a certified health coach, so I can count on healthy. 
  • America’s Test Kitchen cookbook – this source of recipes is my go-to for basic recipes (think Joy of cooking replacement). I have a different recipe book that they no longer make, but the link I provided would make a good substitute.
  • Menu Templates – If you don’t have a menu plan hanging out in your kitchen or on your desktop, how are you going to know what to make when you get home and have 15 million things to do?? I keep my menu plan posted on a big framed cork board in my kitchen. That way, whoever gets home first knows how to start executing the plan. I even try to pull up the recipe on the computer or have it laying out on the counter to make things even easier.

What’s your favorite resource for planning your weekly menu? I want to know so I can learn too! 

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