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What to Pack in your Work Lunch

Packing a lunch for work is possibly one of the healthiest and most frugal ways you can spend your time.

It’s normal to feel as though you don’t have time for this. I understand that every night when my husband is doing dishes and I’m packing our lunches up for the next day at 9pm. Of course, we could probably manage our time better so that this gets done earlier…but honestly, we don’t mind this routine so much. We know that we are saving money and staying far away from fake ingredients.

No preservatives. No food dyes. No trans-fats. No man-made ingredients. No $12 Sandwiches. No waste.


The key to this is to either make plenty of dinner so that you can have leftovers for lunch, or have the ingredients prepped so that throwing together a lunch takes 5 minutes. It also helps to work on this as a family, if you have good helpers around.

Today, I had Creamy Tortilla Soup with Blue corn chips and avocado for lunch at work. Very filling and satisfying! I found the recipe at one of my fave blogs: Love and Lemons.

Tortilla Soup Packed Lunch at Foodie Thinking

Here are a few of the lunches we regularly pack:

  • Romaine or spring mix salad with sliced radishes, carrots, avocado, cheese, beans, and some type of protein (grilled chicken or braised pork)
  • A Sandwich with mustard, avocado, cheese, romaine, and ham on homemade wheat bread
  • Soup (I have a big list of soup recipes we make that I will be sharing with you along the way!) with blue corn chips, avocado, and cheese
  • Rice Bowl with beans, cheese, avocado, and romaine

We also always pack a piece of fruit with lunch: an apple, orange, clementine, pear, or blood orange. In keeping with the proper season for fruit, we’ve been eating a ton of citrus this winter!

I’d love to know your ideas for packed lunches! I’m always excited to hear what you’ve been trying! And I promise to continue sharing ideas as we come across them for packing your lunch.

P.S. For my regular followers: Again, I give you something other than a list of menu ideas for the week. We’ve been repeating past ideas this week, so I have nothing new to give you. I enjoy having a log of ideas that my family really likes, so when life hits me with little time to plan, I can pull out the past good ideas.

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