Pad Thai at Foodie Thinking

Pad Thai Recipe

When you find yourself very hungry in the middle of the week, you want... Answer in comments below. I want to know, because maybe I'll make it for you. Or, more likely, maybe I'll show you how to make it for yourself. Now for what I crave on those middle-of-the-week Wednesday nights:

The Way to Consistent Menu Plans

The Way to Consistent Menu Plans

Instead of giving you yet another list of recipes, I'd like to present the way I keep things creative. The way I get this Menu Planning thing done each week. The key to having homemade meals on the table even after a long day at work. I present: Creative Outlets for Menu Planning Whole Foods [...]

Menu Boosting Wednesday

Hey Foodie Thinkers! After coming off some terrible sickness, we got HUNGRY. So I'm sending love your way and a few recipes to fill your tummies. This week, we needed a bit of a pick-me-up. I lost four pounds just from having no appetite while I was sick! So I was HUNGRY last say [...]

Peanut Larabar recipe at Foodie Thinking

Peanut Larabar Recipe

It's a Saturday Morning and you are can I be productive today but still relax and restore for next week?? My answer: Make Larabars Make a healthy snack for next week in just a few simple steps with 3 ingredients. This is a frugal and healthful choice. As the Nike commercial says, "Just do [...]

Menu Boosting Wednesday at Foodie Thinking

Menu Boosting Wednesday

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and wondered: what made my food taste so good?? If we are talking fine dining, you can probably bet that the food was particularly well seasoned and prepared in a manner that made the key ingredients shine. But if we are talking fast food, you can also probably [...]

Menu boosting Wednesday and Healthy breakfast at

Menu Boosting Wednesday and Colorful Breakfasts

It's another regular work day and we are having breakfast..   What?!?!  You mean that a regular work day for us foodie thinkers involves a hot breakfast?!  Why yes, I am proud to say that it does. For several reasons: We wake up early, between 6 and 6:20 I plan what we are having for breakfast [...]