Menu Boosting Wednesday

As the snow falls outside and the winter seems to drag on, us foodie thinkers get very hungry! I have been in a baking, cooking, cleaning, homemaking mode this week and Mr. Foodie loves it. From the smell of freshly baked cookies, to the big pot of soup for dinner, home feels more inviting with [...]

Menu Planning Wednesdays at Foodie Thinking

Menu Boosting Wednesdays

Have you ever wondered how to keep up with planning a menu for your family while keeping up with all other aspects of life? Guess what, you are not alone! I can probably speak for most households in saying that figuring out how to plan nutritious meals for each day of the week seems nearly impossible.  [...]

No Willpower, No Problem at Foodie Thinking

No Willpower? No Problem

So my husband likes to read. If you ask him what one thing in life would make him the happiest, he would answer "enough money to buy any book I want and enough time to read them all." I think that reading is to him what exercise is to me. There must be several times [...]

Food Movement at Foodie Thinking

Food Movement

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast about Food Forces by Katy Bowman while making Indian Dal and Chapati for dinner (thankfully these turned out quiet well despite the fact that I have no training in cooking Indian cuisine! Thank you google.). Katy is the author of several books, including Movement Matters and Move your DNA. [...]